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Main offices

35 Teatralna str., Kolomyia
тел. +38 (03433) 3-77-70
тел. +38 (096) 48-777-03
тел. +38 (096) 48-777-01
тел. +38 (050) 560-78-71
85 Mazepy str., Kolomyia
тел. +38 (03433) 5-07-79
тел. +38 (096) 03-05-777
тел. +38 (096) 03-04-777
тел. +38 (095) 05-14-777

Become a partner

By working with us you get:

  • Production of PVC constructions of any kind;
  • Production of exclusive products;
  • Strict compliance with terms of production and delivery of products;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Complete professionalism of the company's personnel and satisfaction of all clients' preferences;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Software and training of personnel in working with a specialized program. Your consultants will be able to quickly process orders without wasting clients' time (the clients will appreciate it!);
  • Advisory and informational support. Our company employs managers with many-years' experience in the window production industry; they know everything about high quality windows and are ready to share their knowledge with you;
  • Promotional and marketing support. By working with us you will be provided with promotional and informational products and samples. You will be able to offer visual materials, which will make client's choice and decision concerning the purchase easier.

To become our partner:

1. Contact us

Send a request

or call us by phone

+38 (096) 48-777-03, (096) 48-777-01

2. Get a commercial offer

3. Sign an agreement