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Double glazing

The basis of the modern window is constituted by hermetic double glazing. It takes 70-80% of the surface of the construction. We offer such types of double glazing:
  • Normal — glazing of normal glass with a thickness of 4mm (4M¹) the advantage of this glazing lies in a great coefficient of light permeability up to 82%.
  • Energy saving — "warm" glazing in which one pane (4i) is specially covered with ions of silver, which reflects heat radiation inwardly and lets sunlight through.
  • Multifunctional is a warm IGU with one glass Life Glass Clear (4LGC) which is applied by plasma spraying in 15 layers few atoms thick, two of which consist of silver of a higher level of treatment. Outside it has a small specularity, transparent from the inside. It reduces heat loss in winter, protects from ultraviolet radiation in summer.
  • Shoch-proof — "firm" glazing with multilayer triplex glass (9T) for reliable protection of your home or office.
  • * 2k — triple glazing with additional heat-and sound-proof characteristics.
IGU type Number of insulating layers Scheme Sound-proofing in dB Coefficient of light permeability
Common 1k (24mm) 1 4M¹-16-4M¹ 28-30 82%
Energy saving 1k (24mm) 1 4M¹-16-4i 28-30 79%
Multifunctional 1k (24mm) 1 4M¹-16-4LGC 28-30 76%
Common 1k (32mm) 1 4M¹-24-4M¹ 28-30 82%
Energy saving 1k (32mm) 1 4M¹-24-4i 28-30 79%
Multifunctional 1k (32mm) 1 4M¹-24-4LGC 28-30 76%
Common 2k (24mm) 2 4M¹-6-4M¹-6-4M¹ 32-34 73%
Energy saving 2k (24mm) 2 4M¹-6-4M¹-6-4i 32-34 70%
Multifunctional 2k (24mm) 2 4M¹-6-4M¹-6-4LGC 32-34 67%
Common 2k (32mm) 2 4M¹-10-4M¹-10-4M¹ 35-37 73%
Energy saving 2k (32mm) 2 4M¹-10-4M¹-10-4i 35-37 70%
Multifunctional 2k (32mm) 2 4M¹-10-4M¹-10-4LGC 35-37 68%
Common 2k (36mm) 2 4M¹-12-4M¹-12-4M¹ 35-37 72%
Energy saving 2k (36mm) 2 4M¹-12-4M¹-12-4i 35-37 73%
Multifunctional 2k (36mm) 2 4M¹-12-4M¹-12-4LGC 35-37 67%
Common 2k (44mm) 2 4M¹-16-4M¹-16-4M¹ 35-37 73%
Energy saving 2k (44mm) 2 4M¹-16-4M¹-16-4i 35-37 68%
Multifunctional 2k (44mm) 2 4M¹-16-4M¹-16-4LGC 35-37 67%
Shockproof 1k (24mm) 1 9T-11-4i 34-36 78%
Shockproof 1k (32mm) 1 9T-19-4i 38-40 78%
Shockproof 1k (32mm) 1 9T-19-4LGC 38-40 75%
Shockproof 2k (36mm) 2 9T-9-4M¹-10-4i 38-40 69%
Shockproof 2k (44mm) 2 9T-13-4M¹-14-4i 38-40 69%

Warm remote frame

To improve thermal insulation characteristics (increase in resistance to heat and sound insulation, reduceing the probability of condensation and mildew formation) IGU can be equipped with warm remote frameworks EDGETECH Super Spacer or SOYTAŞGROUP Pana Spacer.

Multifunctional glass

Glass (Pilkington Life Glass) with the Double Silver technology of coating reflects infrared (thermal) and short-wave ultraviolet radiation. It differs from the energy efficient glass with small outside windows specularity, greater heat resistance and better protection from short UV wave.